The Bumblezone 1.15.2 Mod

The Bumblezone is a Minecraft 1.15.2 mod that provides an uncommon dimension. However what’s its direct essence? The very fact is that the participant will get essentially the most actual bee dimension, which shall be plenty of honey, honeycomb, bees and their hives. Truly, the measurement may be very harmful, as a result of for those who fail to the touch the hive, you will get an assault from an entire pack of bees. By the best way, the measurement may be very stunning, take note of the yellow mist that envelops the whole biome.

How do you get to a new world?

  • The participant wants one Pearl of the Land. Discover it and you may proceed to the subsequent stage.
  • Discover any hive. After that, it’s essential to throw the Pearl of the Land at it. After that, you’ll find your self in a brand new dimension.
The Bumblezone 1.15 Mods
The Bumblezone 1.15 Mods

A brand new dimension, stuffed with honey and protecting bees. The Bumblezone 1.15.2 is a mod that generates a brand new dimension, known as Bumblezone, the place we’ll discover a lot of beehives, blocks of honey and content material associated to bees and honey. Inside this dimension, the bees shall be very protecting of the honey, so you need to watch out with them. To entry the Bumblezone dimension, we should throw a pearl of Ender in opposition to a nest, or hive, of bees. Whereas to get out of this new dimension, we’ll must dig down. And relaxation assured, we won’t die within the fall. Throughout the dimension, if we decide up a block of honey, take honey from a porous comb or drink a bottle of honey, the close by bees will get potion results of pace, absorption and power, and can come after us.

Candy goals concerning the honey measurement come true. The Bumblezone mod takes the participant to the bee world, which consists of a whole bunch. You may end up inside a beehive. There are big partitions throughout. They’re permeated by mesh holes. The gorges and canals beneath are crammed with water. The bees aggressively guard the honey. They’re going to be indignant in the event that they put collectively a yellow block, fill a bottle or drink honey. Their power and pace will improve. The icon on the correct and the pink mist recommend you have been hunted. The striped hunters are available in like loopy and sting to demise. A set of diamond armor does not prevent.

The Bumblezone mod for Minecraft 1.15.2 is a brand new dimension crammed with mobile blocks, honey blocks and a brand new block that could be a porous mobile block. In different phrases, the Bumblebee is a hundredth! In Bumblebee you’ll really feel bees residing in a hive.

The bees within the Bumblebee are very simply indignant. They love their honey very a lot and do the whole lot to guard it. In the event you take honey in any means (break the block, use a glass bottle on a porous cell block to get honey) they are going to be very indignant. The environment right here will flip pink, you’re going to get the Hive Rage impact which indicators that you’ve got made the bee indignant. The bees round you’re going to get Pace, Absorption and Energy and they’ll assault you. In the event that they do, you are virtually useless. It’s essential to slip into the opening rapidly and fill it so the bee can not assault you. That makes Bumblebee a really harmful measurement for those who’re not cautious.

So how do you get into Bumblebee? Very merely, you simply must throw 1 Enderpearl into any Bee Nest. To get out of The Bumblezone, you possibly can dig y = 0 after which fail or dig y = 256 and jump. The Bumblezone additionally has 2 variations so you should use the Fabric Mod Loader and Forge Mod Loader.

The Bumblezone Mod – will add bee measurement to the sport, with it you will get proper into the beehive and discover it. Inside the sport the measurement appears like an enormous beehive. The entire measurement consists of honeycombs, porous blocks and blocks of honey, however watch out when gathering it, bees will assault you and they’re very, very robust as a result of they’re at house. Remember that by transferring inside the brand new dimension you’ll be transferring within the common world (much like the decrease world), 1 block within the new dimension equals 10 blocks in the actual world. If you depart the world, you’ll seem subsequent to the hive.

The Bumblezone will open a brand new bee dimension “unBEElievable”, crammed with honeycomb and honeycomb blocks. Primarily vogue provides an enormous beehive through which partitions and columns are created as honeycombs. The bees residing within the hive shall be determined to guard their honey, so for those who take a honey block or drink honey from honeycomb, the bees will VERY indignant and you’ll know the Wrath of the Hive.

How to get to the hive

You may get into the beehive measurement by the hive, for this you need to throw Enderpearl into the Bee Nest. To teleport into a standard world, dig underneath your self till you fly out of the world into the void, don’t fret, you will not die, however simply return to the bee nest from the place you entered.

How to Install The Bumblezone Mod

  1. Download & Install Fabric Api + Fabric Mod Loader
  2. Download & Install Minecraft Forge
  3. Download The Bumblezone Mod
  4. Copy to .minecraft\mods without extracting from the archive
  5. Start the game now and play!

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