Quark 1.15.2 Mod (1.14.4 / 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 / 1.10.2)

Quark mod on Minecraft 1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2 consisting of a lot of improvements and modifications that can enhance the gaming mechanics of typical Maincrafts. Every thing added to the sport from the mod will work with out affecting the fashion of the sport. To do that, every characteristic added to the mod by Quark could be very easy and small. Due to this fact, the title of the mod, Quark, in translation – a really small factor.

Quark is a modular mod.

Because of this its capabilities are divided into completely different modules. All modules may be disabled, and all capabilities can be disabled individually if you want. After putting in the mod, you’ll have new blocks for surroundings, participant animation and his feelings and plenty of different improvements that you’ll find out about solely after putting in this add-on in Maincraft in your laptop!

Quark 1.15 + 1.14 + 1.12 + 1.11 + 1.10 Mods
Quark 1.15 + 1.14 + 1.12 + 1.11 + 1.10 Mods

A various content material growth in your Minecraft video games. Quark 1.14.4 is a mod that focuses on offering a considerable amount of content material that doesn’t observe a selected theme, however provides a considerable amount of blocks, objects and options. As well as, it additionally takes care of modifying present parts within the sport, in addition to processes, new recipes for objects that you’ve, and so forth. These are among the issues that we’ll discover, or be capable of do, after putting in this mod: colouring the Elitros wings, utilizing emotes with the character, capturing the bow on the horse with out damaging the animal, adorning with new constructing blocks, ornamental parts, discovering new creatures and way more.

Quark Modular is designed to enhance Maincraft with out compromising total gaming steadiness, gameplay and magnificence. It at present has 128 options divided into a number of modules. They’re disabled within the settings and have extra settings.


  • Automation: units for planting seeds, putting blocks, taking part in music and tracing Ender, linking meals to animals,
    climate sensor and so forth.
  • Building: many new sorts of blocks, slabs, partitions and stairs.
  • Decorations: bookcases, chests, hatches, multi-colored beds and plant pots, iron ladders, plant carpet and so forth.
  • Control: Shift+Click on transfers the merchandise to the Kraft desk, management and type buttons in chests, Ctrl+Delete removes the merchandise, extends the short stock and marks favorites.
  • Improvements: cryphers blush earlier than the explosion, armor stands, youngsters of zombies burn within the solar, chickens may be reduce, hints for meals, greener grass, knocking on the door on the left mouse button, sliding down the hanging stairs, villagers comply with the emerald block and extra.
  • Pleasures: sails for boats, wings with the potential of portray, coloring names for objects, a system of feelings, benches and hats wizards.
  • World: basalt, massive mushrooms within the swamps, treasures, crystal caves, new monsters deep underground, pirates on ships, sensible panorama of the world, underground biomes and ghosts.
  • Miscellaneous: snow golem heads, powder showers, slime in a bucket, blocks with monster heads, extra sorts of arrows, automated bounce and extra.

Trend Quark for Minecraft 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 doesn’t concentrate on enhancing a specific side of Minecraft, however as a substitute provides a variety of fascinating content material. In case you are curious about exploring new mechanisms and discovering new experiences, Quark is the right trend for you.

Quark is an odd mod; it would not concentrate on enhancing any specific side of Minecraft, however as a substitute provides a variety of unrelated options to the sport. In line with the creator, Quark is programmed to enhance Minecraft’s expertise, and he additionally mentioned that this mod comprises “all the pieces I might deliver to Minecraft if I used to be employed by Mojang. These options may be disabled within the sport configuration file, for those who don’t love one or the opposite, you possibly can disable any performance of this mod.

The Quark mod additionally provides an emotion system to the sport, for those who set up this mod on a multiplayer server, you possibly can greet, nod, shake your head and present many different feelings to different gamers. Quark additionally provides new sorts of beds in several colours, in addition to completely different chests, doorways or locks relying on the supplies you utilize to make, and now you’ll have extra alternative when constructing! That is an fascinating trend that’s price testing. To make use of Quark you’ll need a Forge Mod Loader and you’ll have a greater expertise and also you also needs to set up the Mod of Notough Gadgets mod, a information modification that can assist you to perceive all Quark recipes.

Trend Quark – nice trend with many vanilla options, surroundings, gestures, automation. This is a reasonably large complicated mod including to the mincraft numerous vanilla options don’t spoil the general type of the sport, many modifications are small and easy, however make the sport one thing new and handy. (when it comes to the creator).

What does Quark mod add?

Alternatives for course of automation:

  1. The dispenser is aware of tips on how to plant seeds on the correct soil.
  2. The dispenser is aware of tips on how to place any blocks.
  3. Sensors can play information from a close-by music block.
  4. Ender Watcher is a brand new block that creates a rarestone sign if a participant seems to be immediately at it.
  5. Animals can eat meals that’s thrown at them for no purpose.
  6. Obsidian stress plates that solely work on the participant.
  7. Pistons that know tips on how to break blocks.
  8. Pistons that know tips on how to transfer chests and ovens.
  9. The climate sensor, whether it is raining or snowing, will emit a REDSTON sign or vice versa.

Decorative blocks for construction:

  1. Carved wooden.
  2. Pillar blocks with wooden texture on all sides.
  3. Clay tile.
  4. Iron slabs.
  5. Extra sandstone species.
  6. Extra sorts of stone bricks.
  7. Quilted wool.
  8. Dyed picket boards.
  9. Slab stairs, partitions.

Many various blocks and objects for building and ornament, I can’t record them anymore.

Blocks for decoration and decoration:

  1. New bookshelves.
  2. New chests.
  3. New kinds of workbenches.
  4. Coloured beds.
  5. Colourful flower pots.
  6. Colourful frames for objects
  7. Iron ladders.
  8. Leaf carpet.
  9. Paper partitions.
  10. And some completely different humorous issues.

New possibilities when working with inventory:

  1. Computerized software restoration.
  2. Buttons for sorting issues in chests, unload, load all, and so forth.
  3. Delete objects, Ctrl + Delete when pointing on the merchandise will take away it from the stock.
  4. Throw objects out, tries to throw all of your stock into the close by chests.
  5. If you happen to press F within the stock by pointing at a slot, the participant will take it to an additional slot as if it have been exterior the stock.
  6. Favourite objects, Alt + clicking on a block will make it your favourite, it’s going to go away the block within the stock once you use the keys to wash or transfer.
  7. Clicking on X will present all of your stock above your hotbar.
  8. The type button in your stock.


  1. The creepers flip pink earlier than the explosion.
  2. Computerized recipe unlock (for 1.12), will unlock all recipes within the e-book directly.
  3. Stone instruments could be made with all forms of stones.
  4. Kids of zombies will die within the solar similar to adults.
  5. Torches can be utilized as gasoline in an oven.
  6. Cricks could be lower, give them 1 injury and throw away 1 feather.
  7. Chickens drop feathers in addition to eggs.
  8. Clay blocks could be disassembled into clay.
  9. Double doorways open collectively.
  10. There’s a clue that exhibits what number of items of starvation will take away meals.
  11. Glass splinters, break glass, acquire the splinters and make new glass out of it.
  12. A hoe removes 5×5 blocks of yield (diamond), so it breaks the grass.
  13. Sleep modifications, it’s potential to set the time for the day if all gamers go to mattress.
  14. Knocking on the door, a left click on on the door will knock on the door.
  15. Simplified putting of the ladders on them.
  16. Trying down on the steps you progress sooner.
  17. While you hover over a map, you will notice a preview of that map.
  18. Random textures of animals, extra varieties.
  19. Sheep with wool get much less injury than with out.
  20. You possibly can edit the plaque.
  21. Plates could be assembled again right into a block.
  22. Sponge will dry out if positioned in hell.
  23. All forms of carriages could be stacked in 16.
  24. All ladders could be assembled into blocks.
  25. The villagers observe the emerald block.
  26. The show of data on weapons has been modified to a extra visible type.


  1. Boat sails, surroundings (pkm on the boat with a banner).
  2. Elite could be painted.
  3. Any object + dye in an anvil will paint the identify of the article on the specified one.
  4. Feelings, a set of 10 forms of feelings for the participant:
    Click on the chat button, on the suitable there’s an emotion menu, nodding, facepalm. waving, rejection, clapping, jubilation, instruction, and a few others.
  5. You possibly can duplicate fireworks by making a duplicate of them.
  6. You possibly can sit on stairs.
  7. Witches can drop their hat armor + some bonuses.


  1. Bazalt.
  2. Large mushrooms in swamps.
  3. Hoarding, maps to them could be present in fortresses and temples.
  4. Crystal caves.
  5. New mobiles of which you’ll be able to meet within the dungeons.
  6. Quite a lot of dungeons.
  7. New ore within the ender world.
  8. New mobs within the oceans.
  9. Pirate ships, they’ll have skeletons and trophies.
  10. New sort of world – reasonable, new aid with hills and mountains.
  11. Underground biomes.
  12. Underground clay.


  1. Extraordinarily uncommon e-book of enchantment, requires 35 stage for creation and one other 35 for software.
  2. Auto-jump change, on-off.
  3. Coloured runes, they are often discovered and improved weapons, armor, instruments.
  4. New Arrows, Reflective Arrow, Growth Ender, Growth with Torch (places torch).
  5. Lock rotation (L), means that you can orient blocks extra conveniently.
  6. Music blocks with monster heads will produce the sounds of those monsters.
  7. Recording management unit, new interface for recording sounds.
  8. The power to take a panoramic image (Ctrl + Shift + Screenshot button.) creates 6 pictures to create a panorama.
  9. Slime in a bucket, shove the little Moba Slime in a bucket.

Quark – this mod could be very large-scale, it can convey within the recreation greater than 200 new blocks, objects and greater than 20 new numerous mechanics. With this mod you’ll not be bored anymore, it can add a lot that you just simply can’t. Loads of blocks of decor, take for instance coloured frames, coloured flower pots, coloured boards, new stairs, chests, basalt, new kinds of workbenches, paper partitions and a ton of all the things. Additionally, he’ll add to the sport a whole lot of new mechanics, once more, we won’t let you know about all. Carriages can now be related, within the boat you possibly can put a chest and fix a sail, sorting, and search in chests, instruments product of stone might be product of any form of stone, you possibly can edit the plate, coloured elites, and a whole lot of different nice mechanics. Nevertheless, even razdestone lovers usually are not shattered, now you possibly can transfer the chests pistons, and you’ll have a number of new objects to create mechanisms, there’s a block that provides a razdestone sign solely when the participant seems to be at it. And that is not all, if you wish to examine all of the improvements, please observe this hyperlink, however if you wish to determine it out for your self, you possibly can simply obtain the mod.

Multi-module mod Quark essentially the most versatile mod in Meinkraft, in style improved gaming mechanics, superior animation of feelings, the participant can sit on the steps, waving his palms and spin his head, full automation of mechanisms lets you simplify the as soon as complicated circuit razdestone and replace the sport with new options, Ornamental blocks have additionally been added to the style, a brand new real looking roof, the flexibility to kraft vanilla issues from any block, modified mobs, now they’re within the pirate pores and skin, if the ship and that is solely a small a part of what provides style in Minecraft.


In Quark, superior automation of mechanisms such because the dispenser can routinely plant seeds in appropriate soil, wheat in arable land, warts within the sand of the bathe, and so on.. Obsidian plates will solely set off if a participant comes and doesn’t react to mobs.

Building blocks

Within the style added ornamental constructing blocks of hardened stained glass clay and straw, can be utilized to construct a phenomenal roof, sugar cane blocks for the development of bungalows, added adobe bricks, bricks and stairs of granite, diorite, andesite, finish bricks, prismatic, new carved wooden, hearth lamp and plenty of different blocks.


Some features have been modified in style, for instance, you possibly can level a gun to a rack with armed armor, or when you connect the pinnacle of a Moba to the participant, it can begin to produce the sound of the corresponding Moba, aligning the lamp with the rarestone torch, get a continuously shining lamp, rain sensors shall be added, on the plate you possibly can edit the textual content by clicking on it PCM.

Emotions and animation

Quark provides animated feelings and funky animation to Maincraft, you possibly can wave, level, increase your palms, seize your head, and so on. see the picture.

How to Install Quark Mod

  1. Download & Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download & Install AutoRegLib
  3. Download Quark Mod
  4. Copy to .minecraft\mods without extracting from the archive
  5. Start the game now and play!

Download Links for Minecraft 1.15.2 / 1.14.x / 1.12.x / 1.11.x / 1.10.x

1.15.x 1.14.x 1.12.x 1.11.x 1.10.x

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