More Enchantments 1.16 Mod (1.15.2 / 1.14.4)

More Enchantments Mod on Minecraft 1.16/1.15.2/1.14.4, which provides a really handy characteristic to the sport, specifically – new sorts of charms. They may provide help to to attain extra energy and get some handy moments on your survival course of.

What kind of charms have been added?

  • Enchantments for an axe. Will increase the velocity at which bushes are felled.
  • An additional spell for the spice. Can additional improve the injury to the sword and axe.
  • Spell for Pickaxe, which lets you dig out all of the ore in a sure place without delay, which is able to improve your extraction velocity.
  • A fiery spell. Appropriate for shovels, axes and pickaxes. Have you learnt what sort of charms you are enchanting your self?
More Enchantments 1.16 + 1.15 + 1.14 Mods
More Enchantments 1.16 + 1.15 + 1.14 Mods

Learn more about the spell.

  • Living: Living is an enchancment just for the pickaxe. When your decide has this charade, you may dig out a variety of ore without delay. Relying on the extent of the vein (max. 3), the quantity of ore you may dig out will probably be elevated.
  • Wood: Wood is an enchancment just for the Axe. When your Axe has the spell of wooden, you’ll instantly break a variety of wooden. This enchancment means that you can get the bushes a lot sooner. The wooden additionally has Three ranges of char.
  • Alpha Fire: An enchancment for shovels, axes and picks. Alpha Hearth robotically burns blocks that you simply destroy. For instance, for those who break sand, it would drop glass, destroy wooden, drop charcoal and so forth. Alpha Hearth has just one stage.
  • Family: Reinforce sword and axe. Household Char won’t harm your pet.
  • Endowed: Heavy sword and axe. Penetration provides an individual the flexibility to soak up the potion. For those who get a splash potion, you may take a Fill gadget to soak up it. When your weapon is soaked, your assault will apply the potion impact to the goal. Quite the opposite, you may right-click to present the impact itself. Soaked has 10 ranges. The upper the extent, the longer the length of the impact.
  • Curse of the Finish: Char means that you can transfer eight blocks across the attacker whenever you shoot. The top curse has Three ranges. The upper the extent, the stronger its dangerous impact.

Do not you could have sufficient spells in Minecraft? Then add 30 extra new spells. More Enchantments 1.15.2 gives a variety of new spells that can be utilized each for battles towards enemies and for performance. This mod provides greater than 30 new spells to the sport that may be utilized to items of our armor or to weapons and instruments. Among the new spells will enable us issues like well being regeneration when attacking enemies, throwing enemies within the air, getting further expertise when defeating enemies, indefinite evening imaginative and prescient, explosions when hitting enemies, anti-venom and plenty of extra.

How to Install More Enchantments Mod

  1. Download & Install Fabric Api + Fabric Mod Loader
  2. Download More Enchantments Mod
  3. Copy to .minecraft\mods without extracting from the archive
  4. Start the game now and play!

Download Links for Minecraft 1.16.x / 1.15.x / 1.14.x

1.16.x 1.15.x 1.14.x

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