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Lycanites Mobs 1.15.2 + 1.15.1 Mod (1.14.4 / 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 / 1.10.2 / 1.7.10)

The Lycanite’s Mobs mod for Minecraft 1.15.2 / 1.14.4, will add a bunch of latest extra aggressive mobs that seem on particular biomes in Minecraft. Some mobs will probably be prototypes of the favored DOOM pc recreation. New reptile mammals will seem.


  • Particular occasions have been added, for instance, utilizing the / lm mobevent allow command, you’ll spawn many mobs.

Concern is the phrase – the perfect description of this mod. Lycanite mod or the brand new Scary mobs for Minecraft 1.15.x, 1.14.x, 1.12.x / 1.11.x will add horrible monsters, nicely, horrible in Minecraft. Bored with previous, smooth mobs? Would you like a problem ?! Would you like to have the ability to die at each step that you simply absorb your world of survival? !! Don’t be afraid! Loss of life is ready for you in all corners of Minecraft after putting in this mod. If you don’t imagine me, see these photos beneath. All pets have particular skills, and most of them you possibly can be part of the battle. New mobs are intense and may simply get you out in case you do not listen! This Lycanites Mobs is a superb addition to your present Minecraft animals. Most monsters are very harmful and aggressive, they aren’t the one crime for the gamers, however additionally they assault different creatures. Nonetheless, there are light monsters that gamers can chop, after which breed to feed and cook dinner. Typically the mod can have horrible occasions, reminiscent of calling a swarm of monsters to assault gamers … As well as, the mod is a brand new scary mobs created with such kinds of ores, reminiscent of lava … New meals and new weapons are created from supplies that come out of monsters.

Greater than 100 new creatures, principally hostile. Lycanites Mobs 1.15.2 and 1.15.1 focuses on the era of greater than 100 new creatures, a few of them impressed by the beings of the Doom sport. These creatures can solely be generated in biomes and particular Minecraft dimensions. The overwhelming majority of the brand new creatures added by this mod are hostile, though a few of them may be peaceable and a few others impartial. A few of these creatures, after dying, will be capable to drop items of apparatus, which we are able to use to make new weapons, instruments and items of armor, amongst different issues. As well as, the mod provides a brand new dungeon system, with one boss per flooring and with attention-grabbing rewards for these adventurers who overcome the challenges that these dungeons pose.

Lycanite’s Mobs is liable for including quantity of recent demonic creatures to the sport, which might be principally hostile. The creatures of the mod are based mostly on mythological beings and creatures of video games like Oddworld, Monster Hunter, Castlevania, Hexen or Doom. New creatures will seem on the earth relying on the biome we’re in, though marine creatures and creatures can be generated within the dimension of the Nether. Though most beings are hostile, a few of them might be passive, and we are able to even tame and journey them.

Lycanite’s Mobs As you perceive, this mod provides mobs [999]. Excellent for various biomes. You will discover yeti within the snow biome, however within the Ping desert. Sure, the mod provides mobs to hell. For instance, Asmodi. It seems to be like like a robotic. You may discover that this mod provides a spider to every biome. Into the jungle, into the desert. I believe this mod will look first rate in assemblies 🙂 True, the sounds from these fantastic mobs are annoying.

Lycanites Mobs – this mod will add really distinctive mobs to the sport, every mob may have its personal particular mechanics, and their sophistication is superb. In whole, there can be greater than 100 mobs and managers, sure, you didn’t hear and completely every of them may have its personal distinctive mechanics. For instance, one mob can run quick, chew you and dodge, and the opposite due to its measurement will beat very slowly and emit any sort of magic shells. Additionally, the look of every mob is just superb, their particulars, mannequin, texture and even sounds, all the things is labored out completely. However this isn’t all, all mobs have their very own distinctive loot, with which you can also make distinctive weapons in a particular workbench. And regardless of how unusual it could be, this isn’t all, you possibly can create particular staves and summon minions that can assist you.

Lycanite’s Mobs provides evil legendary creatures from Doom and Vegetation vs. Zombies. In biomes, farmer-like monsters, livid fiery elementals, Volcanoes throwing lava, toxic reptiles and greater than 100 mutants arrived from essentially the most excessive corners of hell will seem. Many new mobs have brutal expertise for dealing harm and suppressing charisma. Under you possibly can briefly evaluation the outline of some particularly harmful monsters of the Lycanite’s Mobs mod.

Lycanite’s Mobs Creature Checklist

The record describes creatures from the Lycanite’s Mobs mod, some are a dwelling manifestation of the ruthless elementals themselves, corresponding to legendary monsters with the talents of 4 parts: air, earth, hearth, water. In vogue, such mobs spawn their aspect in uncooked kind, throw hearth, spew lava and flood it with storm water. The record additionally included monsters of animal origin, some mammalian mutants, from big bear-like to small rodents dwelling in forests, mountains and plains. Subsequent come vegetation mutated with animals which are effectively camouflaged and intensely harmful. Feathered creatures, starting from small birds to giant predators and dinosaurs, dragons, reptiles and unusual varieties of creatures. Let’s go!

  • Cinder – Scum, a fierce legendary creature able to burning anybody who stands in the way in which. Hearth elementals have a lava physique, and upon dying they drop coal, a fireplace rod, and powder.
  • Jengu – Water elementals defenders of the seas and oceans will assault anybody they think about their enemy
  • Geonachs are the brutal earth elementals that unsuspecting miners often discover after they harass the Earth. They rapidly strike with a spear, after which beat with a heavy fist.
  • Kobold – small annoying rat-like mutants, they discover and steal all the things that’s not proper, together with your gadgets, attempting to dump gamers after they see gamers, if their well being drops beneath 50%, they are going to assault the gamers.
  • Geken – toxic reptiles with unbelievable leaping talents, choose to hunt at evening, however will pursue prey within the afternoon
  • Jabberwock – Jabberwock is extraordinarily quick, a harmful mutant deer with a bear, has quick hooves and sharp claws, that are used after they catch a prey.


  • Demonic creatures often stay within the decrease world, some demons can set their sufferer on hearth or trigger wilting results.
  • Belph – evil natives in hell, Belfas get pleasure from throwing hearth shells at all the things that strikes


  • Demons rapidly advanced from demons and left Hell. Present in all biomes, extraordinarily adaptable creatures stay not removed from lava, frozen Arctic ice, in forests, plains and mountains.
  • Afrit – evil fiery demons bathe in lava, assault with fireballs, however will be tamed, will grow to be a beautiful pet with extremely formidable weapons, it is advisable set up a lava pool in the home

Feathered creatures

  • Feathered creatures are mutating birds with predators and dinosaurs, often discovered on open plains or in forest areas.
  • Ventoraptor – evil bridal aerial hunters who assault animals and folks, will assault in teams at very excessive speeds.

How to Install Lycanites Mobs Mod

  1. Download & Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Lycanites Mobs Mod
  3. Copy to .minecraft\mods without extracting from the archive
  4. Start the game now and play!

Download Links for Minecraft 1.15.x / 1.14.x / 1.12.x / 1.11.x / 1.10.x / 1.7.x

1.15.x 1.14.x 1.12.x 1.11.x 1.10.x 1.7.x

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