EnderChests Mod 1.18.1/1.17.1 (Unique Storage, Remote Chest)

If you are a fan of the Minecraft game, it is best not to ignore it EnderChests Mod 1.18.1 / 1.17.1 / 1.16.5 / 1.14.4. The main function of this mod is that it allows players to attach their stock between a completely different chest. That is actually the best way to know sooner or later.

About the EnderChests Mod

Obviously, this mod gives you a simple handmade recipe that comes with Pocket Dimension to sell your items without making them crowded. Next, this mod will actually be a useful gizmo between travel route and a variety of merchandise in the world of Minecraft.

After installing this mod, it will mean that you can sort the items you need and place them on the selected chest. Also, this Mod also offers a sale that you should use to open the chests remotely anywhere, as long as they are the same shade. You can also choose to make your stock public or keep it private for personal use.

This mod will play the required function to make your entertainment more enjoyable. Or, with its features, it actually gives you a lot of new information. You will now be able to set it up Minecraft Forge and ShetiPhianCore for EnderChests mod can work successfully.

Installation of EnderChests Mod

  1. Download and install the latest version of Fabric API and Fabric Modloader
  2. Download and install the file Forge API
  3. Download and install ShetiPhianCore
  4. Download EnderChests Mod (Selected versions below)
  5. Enter the downloaded mode in the folder ./minecraft/mods/
  6. In addition, you can install Mod menu

EnderChests Mod Download Links

Minecraft (Fabric) ⇒ 1.18.1

for Minecraft (Forge) ⇒ 1.18.1 + 1.17.1 + 1.16.5 + 1.15.2 + 1.14.4

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