Corn Delight Mod 1.18.1/1.16.5

The Joy of Corn Mod 1.18.1, 1.16.5 add to the game diet and food related to the wild plant, Maize. In real life, corn is always considered one of the most important sources of food as there are many types of food that can be cooked using corn. Using corn, players can cook Taco, Tortilla, Stuffing and Cornbread. Either way, players can have a whole new level of food that they did not know they were looking for ahead of time. As soon as these marmots are collected, players can feed your entire village by cooking how delicious they will cook. What is needed is for players to have the flexibility to grow corn around their bases in order to simply incorporate this important supply of food.

Features of Corn Delight Mod:

  • Food and beverages that can be cooked using corn are added.
  • Players can plant corn.

Installation of Corn Delight Mod

  1. Download and install the file Forge API
  2. Download and install FarmersDelight + Mysterious Mountain Lib
  3. Download Corn Delight Mod (Selected versions below)
  4. Enter the downloaded mode in the folder ./minecraft/mods/

Corn Delight Mod Download Links

Minecraft ⇒ 1.18.1 + 1.16.5

Post The Joy of Corn 1.18.1 / 1.16.5 first impression HDPackMod.

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