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Apotheosis 1.15.2 + 1.15.1 Mod (1.14.4 / 1.12.2)

Apotheosis is a mod for Minecraft 1.15.2 / 1.14.4, which can add plenty of new objects to the sport that you can solely dream of earlier than. What precisely is it about? We’re speaking about plenty of improvements that can let you perform a little greater than it was earlier than.

What is going to seem?

For instance, there are new blocks for potions, in addition to entry to such bookshelves, which in flip can enchant an merchandise at 320+ degree. Very severe increase, proper? One other attention-grabbing alternative is the altar, which pulls expertise from gamers who’re close by, in addition to from mobs.

Features of the mod:

  • Quite a lot of new gaming options that can add energy to you!
  • The brand new system of witchcraft!
Apotheosis 1.15 + 1.14 + 1.12 Mods
Apotheosis 1.15 + 1.14 + 1.12 Mods

Apotheosis provides new potions, spells, horrible bosses and spontaneous risks that carry attention-grabbing issues, Apotheosis is split into modules, every of which has a selected focus and impacts your entire gameplay. Apotheosis modules are unbiased and will be disabled as desired.

Enchantment Apotheosis

The enchantment module provides extra highly effective, double magic powers to the Infernal bookshelf, which will be additional enhanced with Hell Infusion. The added Hell Shelf permits you to entry as much as stage 150, however the enchantment has its personal stage ranges for every merchandise, so the best stage isn’t at all times efficient in every single place, hoes, scissors, sticks and different objects can be enchanted.

Altar of the Sea

The brand new charming Altar of the Sea block, which provides Apotheosis, is the middle for making enchanted objects and permits you to flip pointless and ineffective enchanted objects into an enchantment ebook that may enchant new instruments, the stronger the enchantment on the objects, the stronger the ebook might be.

New ebook volumes will be enchanted like common books, utilizing the set of spells he’ll use.

Enchantment Witchcraft

  • The Apotheosis Witchcraft and Enchantment module provides a complete of 15 enchantments with distinctive results. Along with common spells, there are three enchant descriptors that assist decide what energy an enchantment can forged.
  • Masterwork Descriptor – Masterwork is simply obtainable at greater ranges, normally 50+
  • The Twisted Descriptor – Twisted offers highly effective spells which are stronger than common, however don’t at all times have a optimistic impact.
  • Corrupted descriptor – Injury provides considerably stronger results than every other enchantment, broken enchantment typically makes use of a part of the proprietor’s life power and as a gasoline of life and curse.

Attack Spell Effects

  • Berserker’s Fury – Berserk rage when taking harm, makes use of spell results and enrages, growing velocity, power and resistance.
  • Miner’s Fervor – Miner’s mud will increase mining velocity, relying on the peak / depth distance relative to sea stage.
  • Hell Infusion (Masterwork) – Infernal Flask improves your assaults by dealing further spectacular magic harm when you find yourself within the Void.
  • Icy Thorns – Ice spikes decelerate the enemy, you may forged spells in ranged assaults.
  • Life-Mending – Enchantment enchantment consumes a participant’s life to restore gear when he holds armor in his hand or is provided
  • Mounted Strike – Equestrian strike enhances your assaults with further harm when you find yourself driving a horse.
  • Reflective Defenses – Reflective protection blocking an assault with a defend can deal retaliatory harm to the attacker.
  • Scavenger – Scavenger offers an opportunity to drop double loot from killed mobs
  • Protect Bash – Protect assault offers considerably extra harm.
  • Steady Footing – Steady taking pictures reduces the velocity of the enemy, permitting you to stipulate and hit him with small arms
  • Tempting – Temptation mesmerizes animals with spell results and they’re going to comply with you
  • Data of the Ages – Data of Ages (Masterwork) Slain enemies won’t lose objects, however will lose extra expertise.
  • Splitting – Anvils falling on enchanted books can break them
  • Nature’s Blessing – Blessing of nature endows hoes with bone meal properties for quick progress and longevity.
  • Rebounding – Bounce offers you melee assault spells
  • Occult Aversion – Occult Aversion reduces magical harm obtained and dealt

Spawner Module

The apotheosis of the Spawner module permits the participant to maneuver, edit sure traits of the Spawner mobs utilizing a silk contact choose, together with the looks time, vary and situations for the spawn mobs, aside from altering the essence inside.

Monster boss

The dying module provides the boss to the monster, he’ll attempt to kill you as quickly as attainable, the boss rip-off will assault you while you least count on hazard, the boss monsters are above common well being and are totally geared up, killing the boss he’ll drop a closely enchanted sword and different weapons that he possessed. Bosses have assist for the CraftTweaker Mod, and you may configure attainable units of armor and spells for them.

How to Install Apotheosis Mod

  1. Download & Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download & Install Placebo
  3. Download Apotheosis Mod
  4. Copy to .minecraft\mods without extracting from the archive
  5. Start the game now and play!

Download Links for Minecraft 1.15.x / 1.14.x / 1.12.x

1.15.x 1.14.x 1.12.x

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